We were very encouraged to read a new survey by YouGov for Omio shows that 57% of Brits are willing to make more environmentally-friendly travel choices.

According to the research this compares with 45% in Germany and 40% in France.

45% of Brits would choose train travel over flying

45% of Brits surveyed said that they would choose train travel over flying to ensure greater sustainability.

The challenge in making those decisions comes down, as it often does, to price: 49% would be more likely to switch to rail travel if the ticket price was cheaper than flying.

However, almost a third of UK respondents would accept a slightly longer journey if it had a positive impact on the environment.

Many don’t consider environment at all when travelling

This follows Omio’s Europe-wide survey in November 2019 that showed that while 58% of respondents recognised that trains represented the greenest way to travel, 34% did not even consider environmental impact when choosing how to travel.

However, there does seem to be an increase in awareness, with only 10% of UK respondents in 2021 admitting that they never think about the impact of travel, compared to 19% in 2019.

Disappointingly, only 8% of all respondents, always consider the environmental impact when making travel decisions.

Boris Radke from Omio noted:

​​“The common perception that flying is always the fastest way to get from A to B doesn’t necessarily hold true once you consider the additional time required to get to the airport, queue at check-in or security and wait to board or retrieve baggage.”

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