I loved this subtle guerilla campaign that Alpe d’Huez recently ran in conjunction with SNCF.

Many resorts are encouraging holidaymakers to take the train rather than fly or drive, but the resorts of Alpe d’Huez teamed up for a few days with Ouigo, the SNCF’s low-cost offering.

Travel to resort is typically 50-80% of the carbon cost of a ski holiday.

‘Passez de l’autre cote de l’ecran’

The message was delivered by ‘hacking’ the resort’s popular webcams to push the ‘take the train’ message: ‘Pour 10€, passez de l’autre cote de l’ecran’

Ouigo has extremely low entry-level prices, so the message is that ‘for just €10 you can get to the other side of your screen’ (i.e. stop surfing the net, get skiing!)


Very smart and funny. “Chapeau” to both Alpe d’Huez and SNCF!