At Ski Flight Free our whole remit is to encourage British skiers to choose to travel by train to the Alps or in a (fully-laden) car instead of flying.

Yet it was with mixed feelings that we read the news that the number of skiers planning to fly has plummeted.

Skiers planning to fly down by over 30%

According to new research by The Ski Club of Great Britain, 86% of skiers travelled by plane last season. However, the latest survey shows that figure is likely to fall to 59%.

Their survey showed that 35% now plan to drive this winter – up from 10% last season. Eurotunnel dominates with 27% looking to take the train and 8% planning to cross the Channel by ferry. These figures are up from 7% and 3% respectively.

Train travel to increase 50%

From the above numbers we can infer that those planning to travel by train has also increased from 4% to 6%.

While these proportions are small, it is an increase of 50% and is particularly encouraging given that users will already have been aware about the cancellation of the snow train.

Travel’s carbon footprint will decrease

Both these changes in behaviour will reduce the carbon emissions associated with travel to resort and ski holidays in general – which is great news.

What we hope is that skiers will remember that reduced emissions should be for life and not just for Covid…