Earlier this week the transfer company Cool Bus shared these great photos of eight vehicles simultaneously charging at their Bourg St Maurice base.

It’s been seven years since the company bought their first electric vehicles. We have previously reported about the upgrades to their fleet.

A lot of work to get to this point

Founder Rob Forbes said:

“I can’t tell you how much work has gone in to get us to this point. The vehicles are expensive to buy. It takes time for the drivers to learn how to manage battery range (they are now experts!).”

“Laying 100 metres of very expensive cable 60cm under the garden was a mission. Getting EDF to install a dedicated power supply took a year. Scheduling transfers to include charging logistics is tricky to master. But here we are.”

Fleet of 8 electric vehicles

The Cool Bus fleet now consists of 8 electric and 6 diesel vehicles. If you book a transfer with them you are more likely to travel in an EV than a diesel.

This winter they expect the electric share of their fleet kilometres to exceed 60% and their millionth electric kilometre is coming up fast on the horizon.

Keep up the great work guys!