As the next step in its sustainability strategy, Hotelplan has announced two new climate partnerships worth more than £1 million with Klimate and Rewilding Britain.

More recent developments in the group’s carbon mitigation strategy have seen a move away from traditional avoidance-based carbon offsetting towards carbon removal and rewilding.

Protecting the planet that we and our customers so love exploring is critical, as is taking a forward-thinking approach in our carbon mitigation efforts.” CEO of Hotelplan UK, Joe Ponte

Klimate is focused on taking carbon out of the atmosphere rather than traditional offset methods. The Copenhagen-based company because a huge amount of money is being wasted, globally, on poor offsetting schemes. Klimate focuses on carbon removal – sourcing, analysing and funding high quality, innovative removal solutions from all over the world that are wholly verifiable – from tree planting schemes to more complex direct air capture projects.

Rewilding Britain is an independent charity that champions the benefits of rewilding in the fight against climate emergencies. They work with communities to help them rewild land and sea, and campaign for government support in protecting our natural world.

Every trip booked will contribute

Hotelplan brand Explore Worldwide has worked with Rewilding Britain for the last 12 months, donating more than £35,000 to the charity in that time. The rest of the group will join Explore in this partnership.

Every trip booked with Hotelplan businesses Explore Worldwide, Inghams, Esprit Ski and Santa’s Lapland will include contributions both to Klimate and Rewilding Britain.

“We are not perfect, and we don’t claim to be, but our expectations of ourselves are growing and we want to take our community with us as we hope to build a better future.” Director of Sustainability, Prue Stone

Listeners to The Ski Podcast will be aware that Hotelplan are at the forefront of the sustainability movement among tour operators. You can listen to Iain’s conversation with Director of Sustainability, Prue Stone here:

Hotelplan UK has published a Climate Paper and Biodiversity Paper, outlining its key Planet goals for 2023 and beyond, which can be read here.