We’re in the midst of creating a sleeper train company, but more precisely, we’re aiming to reinvent the night train to make it the most comfortable and sustainable mode of transport of the century, as an alternative to medium-haul flights.

midnight trains

The new trans-continental train company ‘Midnight Trains’ is not expected to launch until the end of 2024, but we are already very excited about this new product.

A ‘Hotel on Rails’

The company plans to reinvent train travel across Europe with its concept of a ‘hotel on rails’. The key principle is that there will be no sharing couchettes, only individual rooms, of a high quality.

We don’t want people to share compartments with three, four or five strangers. We must allow people their privacy. Ours will be a private sleeper train experience, with good bedding and soundproofing: a night service that puts privacy at the heart of the journey.

They firmly believe the demand is there from the public, and we think they have read the market well.

Founder, Adrien Aumont, speaks about the Midnight Trains concept below. You can find out more about the company here.

“We’re still aiming for the end of 2024, even though that may have to change. This is very much a long-term project.”