POW Europe have recently launched a sustainable transport hub to raise awareness about transport-related emissions generated by outdoor sports.

As regular visitors to Ski Flight Free will be aware, your travel to and from a ski resort generate anything from 50-70% of the emissions associated with your holiday.

POW Europe also note that train travel is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in terms of emissions.

POW Mobility Week

From 28 March to 03 April, POW Europe is hosting their first ever POW Mobility week.

The goal is to engage the outdoor community by focusing on a full week of sustainable travel, bringing bring down carbon footprints, raising awareness and helping drive cultural change.

Companies are invited to join as partners and bring in measures for both staff and customers to help reduce emissions.

Individuals can also take part, simply by making a difference wherever you can, and are being encouraged to have fun while doing it.

Maybe you’ll run, skateboard or take the train – just share your sustainable travel journeys using the hashtag #POWmobilityweek

The most effective way to make a difference and have an impact is to reduce the number of flights you take. However, POW Mobility Week is a chance for all of us to work together to show that reducing emissions collectively can work.