Not every resort will be able to deliver a Ski Flight Free message to the UK. If you’re in the Dolomites or eastern Austria, let alone Bulgaria or Scandinavia, it’s not a realistic option.

But for most other resorts, there’s plenty to gain by offering more flight free options.

Complement your sustainable policies

Most resorts have sustainability policies in place – why not complement that by actively promoting train travel and alternatives to flying?

Make it more evident to guests how they can travel to resort by train, by coach or self-drive and, importantly, make the carbon cost of flying clearer.

Don’t be afraid to include some CO2 figures on your travel pages:

Incentivise skiers to choose low-carbon travel

  • Can you incentivise skiers to choose low-carbon travel?
  • Could you offer a lift pass discount to skiers showing a valid train ticket from the UK?
  • Could you package up a lift pass with Eurostar, SNCF or Eurotunnel?
  • Why not become the first resort to offer all journalists on press trips the option to travel by train…or even offer press trips only by train? Resorts are always looking for a story – here’s a chance to make a statement.

Get your name in the conversation by promoting your ‘tagskryt’ trip over ‘flygskam’ and show off your resort’s sustainable credentials.

(c) Clodagh Kilcoyne