If you are a ski company offering holidays in the Alps, you don’t have to stop offering flights, but you can still make a difference.

Ask yourself…

How can you help your customers reduce their emissions?

What can you do to help customers avoid ‘flight shame’?

Reduce emissions and win business

You may have charter flights and a commercial need to fill the seats you have bought, but promoting alternatives to flying is a commercial decision too.

This is an opportunity to position your company as dynamic, forward looking and responsible.

Travelling by train might cost more, driving may take longer, but there is plenty of middle class guilt out there.

And that’s a market that you could be capturing, as well as helping to reduce emissions.

Make the CO2 savings clear

Make it more evident to guests how they can travel to resort by train and, importantly, make the carbon cost of flying clearer.

Don’t be afraid to include some CO2 figures on your travel pages. We can help you with data for this – just contact Ski Flight Free.

You can help affect demand by influencing supply.

Promote the alternatives more prominently and let customers know what the carbon cost is of flying and they will fly less.

Do it before your competitors do

And if you don’t do it, someone else will…look at AliKats’ recent eco-package. And following our presentation at Ski Launch in September 2019, Mountain Heaven have also introduced a discount for guests travelling by train.