For anyone travelling to the Alps this winter, here’s a useful money-saving tip if you are booking connecting trains from Paris with SNCF.

Each winter, I buy an SNCF ‘Carte Avantage‘. You can probably translate that yourself, but just in case, it’s the SNCF ‘Advantage Card’. And indeed, there can be a big advantage in buying it.

Available for €49

The ‘Carte Avantage’ costs €49 and gives you

  • 30% reduction for you and a companion
  • 60% on tickets for up to 3 accompanying children
  • 15% on non-train SNCF services

You can also benefit from capped prices in 2nd class on TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS (daytime and overnight seats). For journeys of less than 1h30 it’s a maximum of €49, going up to a maximum of €89 for journeys of more than 3 hours.

I saved €151 in a year

It’s probably worth buying even if you are only making one return trip this winter, but it’s definitely the case if you are travelling more than once. I had no idea how much I saved, until I received my renewal email from SNCF advising that I’d saved €151 in the last year:

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