In another indicator of the growing provision of rail options by travel companies to match the increased demand for this low-carbon form of travel.

Last week we wrote about the ANMSM’s goal to lobby for improved rail services to the Alps. Their research showed a high potential level of demand, if there were more trains running.

This continuing trend was followed this week by the news that tour operator Sunweb plan to add their own night trains to the mountains (and coastal resorts) for their clients in Belgium and the Netherlands.

This innovation of a tour operator chartering a train, then offering rail travel to their customers is becoming more common as travellers look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their holidays.

Similar to the Travelski Express

French tour operator Travelski added the direct ‘Travelski Express’ service from London to the Tarentaise last winter and recently confirmed they would be offering the service again in 2022/23.

Trains will start for winter 2022/23

The Sunweb initiative is being carried out in collaboration with the railway company ‘European Sleeper’. It will start with a winter offer for ski resorts in winter 2022/23, with more services added in summer 2023 for Mediterranean resorts.

The model will work in a similar way to the ‘Travelski Express’, with transfers organised on arrival by Sunweb, taking skiers to their resort.

“We are always working…on initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future. Offsetting emissions is not as efficient…that’s why we have chosen to invest in other means, which will have a positive impact immediately and in the long term.”.

Mattijs ten Brink, CEO Sunweb


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