According to Eurotunnel, direct trains from London to Geneva could be an option before the end of this decade.

Yann Leriche, the chief executive of Getlink, the company that runs the tunnel, has been quoted saying that he expects new entrants to compete with Eurostar on the cross-channel route.

Eurostar only company to offer trains to Europe

Even though it opened in 1994, Eurostar is still the only company to have operated on the route. They currently only offer service to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, via Lille.

Recently Spanish company Evolyn announced that they hope to compete alongside Eurostar by 2025.

According to The Independent, Getlink plans to invest €50 million in helping bring new entrants to the market between 2025 and 2030.

Five and a half hours to Geneva

A direct train to Geneva would take just five and a half hours and open up hundreds of ski resorts across Switzerland and France to train-travelling skiers.

Zurich has also been suggested as a possible destination from London.

Capacity in London

The biggest limiter is unlikely to be space through the tunnel, but instead the challenge of finding space for passengers to embark at London St Pancras.

Leriche remains confident however: “The space will be found at St Pancras for new entrants,” he said. “We can increase capacity at St Pancras and planning is underway to deliver this at the right time.”