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Mountain Riders create 'zero waste' campaign

Mountain Riders create ‘zero waste’ campaign

The Mountain Riders environmental group are launching a new national zero waste reduction program waste in the mountains, to be called “Montagne Zéro Déchet”. The plan is to increase the number of clearing sessions and to encourage the reduction of waste at source and will coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the lobbying group. The...
Ski Instructor uniforms ‘debranded’ to allow resale

Ski Instructor uniforms ‘debranded’ to allow resale

More great work from the Montagne Verte team in Morzine, who have been ‘debranding’ ski instructor uniforms so they can be resold. Volunteer Chrissy Jahier and local seamstresses have been working together with partners One Tree at a Time. Instructor uniforms were donated by Mint Snowboarding and Billski. You can see in the image how the logos have been...