Morzine has released details of some of the environmentally friendly changes they are making in the lead up to the 2020/21 winter season.

PV Panels

Electricity is the top energy expenditure in the ski area. In addition to reducing consumption, the lift company (SERMA) plans to focus on renewable energy, particularly solar power.

Photovoltaic panels are currently being installed on the Proclou chairlift. An array of 41m² of panels have been installed with an expected production of 9000 kWh per and will be the first of its kind in Haute-Savoie.

Environmentally friendly piste bashers

The Morzine piste bashers run on non-toxic, biodegradable GTL fuel as opposed to the off-road winter diesel used by traditional piste bashers.

Quiet and more economical, the machines are also equipped with ‘Snowsat’ – a software piloting programme that using GPS to limit energy consumption and manage the snow stocks. In particular it gives a very precise measurement of the depth of the snow.

The data can be checked by the driver in real time and it will enable better distribution of the natural snow and only mean production of the minimal artificial snow.

Snowsat also records the energy consumption of the groomers. This has been reduced by training the drivers in environmentally friendly driving techniques and optimal maintenance.

Water management and eco-friendly heat sources

Accommodation in the resort has been upgraded as well.

Alikats Chalets have a pellet boiler (no oil or gas) in their main kitchen and their electricity supply will be 100% renewable for this winter. Heating and hot water for two chalets will be regulated by an air exchange heat pump.

The Hôtel Le Dahu will be using a double-flow thermal power plant to allow recycling of cold air into warm air, limiting energy losses. The hotel has also installed 42 ‘KVC Airflow’ showers with a flow rate of 6 lt/min compared to 16 litres for a regular shower.

Electric vehicles

Several Morzine hotels have electric vehicle charging points and hybrid vehicles including Fleur des Neiges, Les Champs Fleuris, Le Dahu, Le Sporting Alpen Roc and the Hôtel La Bergerie.

Alikats (who we have featured before on Ski Flight Free) will be offering free taxi transfers for all clients coming by train rather than plane and all meal deliveries are made using an electric vehicle.

Alikats will also be making other changes to their purchasing and products, so that one night each week the chalet menu will be vegetarian; all cleaning and toiletries will be chemical free, organic and purchased in bulk; homemade yoghurt will mean no single-use plastic pots; and all tea bags will be  compostable; and many other initiatives.