If reducing the carbon footprint of your ski holiday is important to you, the obvious first step is to choose an alternative to flying, but you can also make a difference by choosing a resort that has high sustainability standards.

The Compagnie des Alpes (CdA) has taken a huge step to reducing the emissions generated by the resorts in their portfolio by converting their entire fleet of 130 snow groomers from diesel to biofuels.

This is part of their commitment to reach Net Zero by 2030.


72% reduction in carbon emissions

This single step will lead to an immediate 72% reduction in the resorts’ direct carbon emissions (excluding electricity). Snow grooming typically represents between 80-90% of any ski resort’s carbon footprint.

The piste bashers will now be powered by the synthetic HVO biofuel (hydrogenated vegetable oil produced from waste).

New models were successfully tested last winter in La Plagne and Les Arcs. A huge advantage of this method is that no adaptations are required to the existing groomers, yet emissions will be reduced by 90% and particulates by 65%.

Resorts run by CdA, either fully or partially, include:

La Plagne
Les Arcs
Val d’Isere
Les Menuires
Serre Chevalier
La Rosiere

“Reducing our consumption and getting out of fossil fuels is a priority for the CdA,” said Dominique Thillaud, Managing Director

Electric Piste Basher and Reforestation also planned

CdA has also been experimenting with an electric piste basher. Last winter a new model from French manufacturer CM Dupon was tested in La Plagne.

Other projects that CdA is taking on include reforestation in partnership with Office National des Forêts and working closely with the Travelski Express to encourage skiers from the UK to travel by train.