Compagnie des Alpes are taking the next step to reduce carbon costs associated with their ski resorts and ski holidays by inviting bids to offer train services under the Travelski Express brand across Europe.

Bids open to offer train travel to French resorts

Yesterday it announced it is welcoming bids for suppliers to offer its customers low-carbon travel by train from France, the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium over a three-year period from 2024 to 2027.

The invitation to tender is open to any European rail operators able to provide trains to carry passengers to Alpine ski resorts on one or two rotations per week between mid-December and mid-April.

Compagnie des Alpes is open to multiple rail options, including high-speed, intercity and night trains.

In addition, partnership discussions are underway with other destinations in the French Alps, beyond the existing areas in which Compagnie des Alpes operates in the hope that by aggregating volumes the best deals can be secured.

They hope to have these new offers to market as early as the 2024-25 winter season.


Compagnie des Alpes has a net zero strategy for 2030. Sandra Picard delivered the keynote speech at Ski Launch 2023, where she outlined this policy to the UK market. You can view her slidedeck here:

Listen to Sandra in this short interview with Iain in The Ski Podcast just below (about 6mins in):