Details of the new ski train to replace the previous direct service to France are still thin on the ground, but it does seem that a new service will definitely be coming in.


In an recent interview with The Guardian, Eurostar CEO Gwendoline Cazenave confirmed that:


“British skiers will be able to book a connecting Eurostar service from Brussels to the Alps on Saturdays in December”

Gwendoline Cazenave

Photograph: Sophia Evans/The Observe

This connecting option is similar to the replacement for the direct service that we reported in July 2023, when Travelski confirmed that their ‘Travelski Express’ service would not run in 2023/24.


It seems likely that while Cazenave refers to Brussels, the actual change would be at Lille, as this would segue more smoothly with any SNCF service within France.


Lille Europe

Crucially for travellers, there would be no need to leave the station. In fact, it has been reported that travellers may not need to move their luggage from one train to the next as this will be handled by Eurostar.


However, to the frustration of all lovers of train travel – and skiers keen to reduce their carbon footprint – there are still no details on the costs, timetable or whether tickets can be booked independently or must be booked as part of a package (as was the case with the Travelski Express).


We will update you will all the latest information here as soon as we have it.