This is a short guide to help you if you’re travelling by train to Bourg St Maurice this winter. If you haven’t been to the station before, or even if you have, it can be useful to help with your orientation after a long journey.

Bourg St Maurice station exterior

Bourg St Maurice station

Main Bourg St Maurice station building

Let’s start by taking a look around. This is a 360-degree shot taken from the centre of the main station building. Use your mouse or fingers to drag and swipe to change the view.

Unless you are travelling to Les Arcs (see below for details of how to get there), then when you walk off the platform, you can keep walking straight on.


Taxi from Bourg St Maurice (to Val d’Isère/Tignes/La Rosière/Sainte Foy)

Immediately out of the sliding doors in front of you, you will see a taxi rank. We recommend you book any taxi transfer in advance. There’s a wide choice of taxi firms in Bourg, but our favourite is The Cool Bus.

The Cool Bus Zero option is a zero emissions way of continuing your journey to resort, using their fleet of Tesla Model X 100% electric vehicles. All their cars are charged via renewable sources, have four-wheel-drive and are fitted with winter tyres.

cool bus tesla

One of the Cool Bus fleet

Bus from Bourg St Maurice (to Val d’Isère/Tignes/La Rosière/Sainte Foy)

Slightly to the right as you walk out of the main hall you will see parking for the different bus services from Bourg to resort.

Although you can often buy a space on a transfer on the day, it’s advisable to book in advance. This is easy to do via the Altibus website, where you can also check the timetable. Departure times are often set to fit in around train arrival times.

All buses departures times are detailed

Funicular from Bourg St Maurice to Les Arcs

While you can also take a bus or taxi to Les Arcs, you can continue your journey direct from Bourg St Maurice with zero emissions by taking the funicular direct to Arc 1600.

The funicular was renovated and re-opened in December 2019 with a spectacular futuristic design.

Bourg to Les Arcs funicular

The new Les Arcs funicular

Access to the funicular from the station has been made as easy as possible. Instead of walking towards the main station hall on arrival, head down the platform in the opposite direction and go up the stairs to the covered walkway.

Turn left to take the short walk to the funicular station. Lifts are provided to help if you have a lot of luggage.


The covered walkway from the station to the funicular

The funicular is powered by 100% renewable electricity and takes you directly into Arc 1600. From here it’s possible to take the free navette to the other stations in the resort.

The funicular only takes 7 minutes, but you can save yourself time later by buying your lift pass at the base station.

funicular station les arcs

LIft pass office at the funicular station

Waiting in the station

If you have to wait for your onward transfer, or if you’re waiting for your outbound train, there is a large, warm and spacious waiting room, just to the right as you are walking out of the station.

Bourg St Maurice station waiting room

Warm and spacious waiting room

Is there food available in the station?

If you’re hungry, then there is a shop with a wide choice of provisions, including sandwiches and drinks.

Bourg St Maurice station shop

The well-provisioned shop

If that’s closed there is a vending machine which usefully allows payment by card.

Bourg St Maurice station vending machines

Visit the Tourist Office

If you have just arrived, on the immediate left as you come from the platforms, there is a branch of the Les Arcs tourist office, where you can pick up piste maps and check the latest forecast.

Bourg St Maurice station tourist office

Map of Bourg St Maurice station

This map might also be useful to help you get oriented, particularly when combined with the 360 photo shared on Facebook:

`Bourg St Maurice station map

Map of `Bourg St Maurice station

Enjoy travelling by train

Whether you’re are travelling direct by Eurostar from and to London, or going with SNCF via Paris, you’ll discover that train is a wonderful way to travel. You can relax, enjoy the views, read, work or chat.

Make it part of your holiday and don’t be afraid to do a little ‘train bragging’ (tagskryt) on social media! Maybe next time your friends will Ski Flight Free as well…