This is a short guide to help if you’re travelling by train to Moûtiers station this winter, most likely to travel to one of the resorts of Les 3 Vallées. If you never been to the station before, or even if you have, this might help with your orientation after a long journey.

Moutiers station

Moutiers station

Bus from Moûtiers (to Val Thorens/Les Menuires/Méribel/Courchevel/La Tania)

Coming off the trains, turn right and you’ll reach these counters where you can buy tickets for bus transfers to resort.

Although you can normally buy a space on a transfer on the day, it’s advisable to book in advance. This is easy to do via the Altibus website, where you can also check the timetable. Departure times are often set to fit in around train arrival times.

bus ticket office moutiers station

The bus ticket office

A board just outside the bus area details all the departures:

moutiers bus departures

The Gare Routiere (bus station) is attached to the station and is where all the buses serving each resort (and the airports) leave from:


Waiting in the station

If you have to wait for your onward transfer, or if you’re waiting for your outbound train, there are two spacious waiting rooms, go to your left as you enter the station:

moutiers waiting room

There are plenty of options for getting a snack or meal at Moûtiers station. This is the Les 3 Vallées cafe, located on the concourse just outside the station.

les 3 vallees cafe moutiers

There is a well-stocked ‘Relay’ store just inside the main entrance.

shop in moutiers staton

This small cabin sells hot and cold drinks and snacks. Find it near the bus ticket office.

cafe moutiers station

Discover Moûtiers…

If you are spending some time in Moûtiers waiting for your train or your transfer, then don’t feel you have to stay at the station. Moûtiers is much more than the ‘gare’ these days. These old bubble lifts outside the Les 3 Vallées Cafe include a map of where to eat in Moûtiers on the side

les 3 vallees cafe

Moûtiers has come up in the world so much over the last few years it even has its own tagline: ‘Point de confluence’

moutiers point de confluence

Map of Moûtiers railway station


Travelling by train from London to Courchevel

Ski Flight Free founder Iain Martin travelled by train from London (starting in Brighton) to Courchevel in January 2020. You can see how he got on in this video: