Our favourite website for booking train travel to Europe – Loco2.com – will shortly be re-branded as the more logical and easier-to-remember ‘Rail Europe’.

The switch is planned for Wednesday 06 November 2019 with the aim of positioning Rail Europe as a single global brand for environmentally conscious travellers to book European train travel.

Cristina Astorri, Marketing Director at Rail Europe, is ambitious:

“The Loco2 to Rail Europe rebrand comes at a crucial stage in the powerful and positive consumer movement challenging the ‘flying-by-default’ mindset.”

“The Greta Thunberg effect has generated a spike in pan-European train bookings, and we hope this rebrand will act as a reminder that using rail to reach destinations in the UK and across Europe is the best option.”


One of the reasons we favour Loco2.com at Ski Flight Free is that it’s so easy to use. You can book point to point tickets from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Europe; the results are fast; and the timetable selections are always clear.

We particularly like the way it gives you the choice to take slightly shorter connections between trains than some other websites.

Two hours to cross Paris is generous and it’s quite possible to travel comfortably from Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon in an hour. Loco2 recognises this, but flags the connection time so that you are aware:

Rail Europe is already well-established in the Americas, India, across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Loco2 is also available as an app to download at the App Store and Play Store. Those searching for the Loco2 app post-rebrand will see the Rail Europe app with an explanation that it was formerly named Loco2.