Transfer company Ski Lifts has extended their eco-friendly transfer options to cover over 100 ski destinations, exclusively using electric or hybrid vehicles.

The new fleet includes Tesla Model X, Mercedes V-class EQV and the BMW i7. Other vehicles used include the Mercedes S-class, Mercedes E-class Hybrid and Toyota RAV 4 hybrid.

Same cost for EV transfers

Transfers cost the same for an all-electric trip to resort as for an ICE vehicle, so it’s an obvious easy option for trimming down the carbon cost of your trip.

Another alternative for travellers wishing to keep their impact down is to opt for shared transfer service, available to over 700 destinations, now including more train stations for customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint even more.

“Our eco-friendly transfers offer customers an environmentally conscious option and also signify our commitment to driving positive change within the industry.” Richard Smith, Ski Lifts, MD

bmw i7 electric car