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Brèche de Roland: 2010 v. 2022

Brèche de Roland: 2010 v. 2022

When Greta Thunberg told us that ‘Our house is on fire‘ in 2019, it seemed like she was talking figuratively. Just three years later, it seems literal. We have already seen glaciers collapsing in Italy and closing early for summer in France.  This trend is evident in the French Pyrénées at the Brèche de Roland....
'Tourism Declares' a Climate Emergency

‘Tourism Declares’ a Climate Emergency

‘Tourism Declares’ is a collective of companies and professionals acting on climate change in travel and helping to develop solutions. The campaign launched in January 2020 and aims to encourage all sectors of the travel industry to acknowledge the climate emergency and develop appropriate action plans. “We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to tackle...
Chamonix's glaciers from the air: 1919 v 2019

Chamonix’s glaciers from the air: 1919 v 2019

Two British academics have put together these shocking photos, showing the extent of the glacial retreat in Chamonix. Dr Kieran Baxter and Dr Alice Watterson from the University of Dundee compared photos taken a century ago in 2019. The original photos were taken by the Swiss pilot and photographer Walter Mittelholzer, who flew over the...