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New study exposes FIS "greenwashing"

New study exposes FIS “greenwashing”

In the week of its Annual Congress, FIS is starting to show some signs of movement on sustainability, according to a new update from Protect Our Winters (POW). There are hints that the race calendar will be changed to reduce transatlantic travel and be delayed in its start by a week. The appointment of a...
Cut through the Greenwash: A guide to 'Carbon Cutting' terminology

Cut through the Greenwash: A guide to ‘Carbon Cutting’ terminology

We are great fans of the work done by Charlie Cotton at eCollective Travel in helping companies audit and cut their carbon footprint. Charlie recently shared his thoughts to help you cut through the ‘greenwash’ and understand what companies really mean behind their carbon cutting terminology: Carbon Neutral: “I have done a high-level guess of...