A petition to launch a direct train service between London and Geneva launched last month has almost reached 5000 signatories.

It was started by Nadine McCormick on Change.org and once the 5000 threshold was passed it will be sent to the Swiss railway company SBB.

London to Geneva by train in 5+ hours

It’s estimated that the journey would take approximately five and a half hours. The petition points out that there are 14,000 British citizens living in the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud, with 5,000 in nearby French departements.


Basel to London also being considered

A separate proposal to connect Basel and London has also been proposed, but Geneva would be perfect for British skiers looking to ‘Ski Flight Free’ with a low-carbon option of travelling to the Alps.

SBB have advised that a study into the possibility of a direct train will conclude later this year.

Sign the petition

You can sign the petition here.

Image courtesy of The Telegraph