A hydrogen bus has been tested on the Moûtiers and Courchevel route in a attempt to find new methods of reducing the carbon footprint of travel to resort.

Feedback from the driver was positive, who noted the ease of the automatic transmission and the uphill power, although for this initial test, there were only twenty passengers.


Green hydrogen

The hydrogen powers a fuel cell which, in turn, supplies the engine with electricity. There are different types of hydrogen, but this was ‘green hydrogen’, produced using renewable energy and generating no greenhouse gases.

On the test day, despite the snow, the vehicle arrived at its destination 30 minutes after departure, exactly the same pace as an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) bus.

Plan to offer season worker service

The goal is to offer a carbon-free service for seasonal workers. There is no schedule in place as yet, and although there is a hydrogen station in Moûtiers, the town does not yet own a vehicle.