This is a great resource from the Green Session team for anyone thinking about buying new ski wear but also trying to minimise their impact on the environment.

Cut through the ‘greenwash’

Created by Frenchmen Pierre and Vincent, the guide aims to cut through ‘greenwashing’ and while the technical aspects of products are important and discussed, the key focus points are:

  • the ecological impact of technical clothing
  • highlighting the solutions that exist to reduce this impact
  • to present a selection of options that meet their environment and social criteria

Find the most ‘eco’ products

For this first guide for eco-responsible skiers, the focus is the three categories of clothing most skiers use: the baselayer, mid-layer and hardshell.

Brands that feature include Picture Organic Clothing, Ogarun, Patagonia, Pyua, So Ride, Masherbrum, Natural Peak, Lagoped and Vaude.

“Consuming better is good, but consuming less is better”

What we really like about this guide from the ‘Green Riders’ community is that it’s not just about buying. They also strongly recommend trying to repair first (recommending the Green Wolf workshop) or even renting (try Les Petits Montagnards), not forgetting a key message of sustainability:

“Don’t forget: consuming better is good, but consuming less is better!”

The guide is in French, but is easily translated. You can sign up for your copy here