If you’re planning a train trip to the Alps this winter, you might find this new map from ‘2theAlps’ useful.

The Alps – Skiing by Train’ covers 200 resorts in seven countries across the Alps from France to Slovenia via Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Italy.

Over 100 rail-served resorts included

Over 100 rail-served resorts (highlighted in blue) are included, and the map also shows bus, cable car or funicular connections to the nearest station for the other resorts (shown in red). Railway lines on the map are coloured based on whether they are mainline or branch lines.

They’ve also included airports on the map to make it easier for people who do fly to book onward transfers by rail (reducing the impact on high levels of congestion and pollution generated by road-based transport).


You can find out more about how to book train travel here.