Launched in April 2021, ski boot manufacturer Tecnica have confirmed that their ‘Recycle Your Boots’ project will be operational in eight European countries this winter.

tecnica recyle ski boots

Goal to recycle 7000 ski boots this winter

France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden will all operate the scheme, with the goal being to collect 7000 ski boots that would otherwise be binned in the first year.

Components are reused

Boots will be recycled where possible or incinerated in factories that capture that energy.

Tecnica will prompt all new purchasers to bring their old ski boots in. According to their website, a ski boot is made of some 120 components, 70 of which are in the liner.

Metals are divided into ferrous and non-ferrous materials and plastics are sorted into polyurethane and polypropylene to ensure maximum usage. Ultimately each ski boot will be deconstructed to separate the plastic and aluminum. The latter will be used for new parts and even for bicycle parts.


Find out more about the project here.