While at Ski Flight Free we do not advocate taking a flight to the States (a return flight to Denver generates over 1200 tonnes of CO2), we do recognise the good work on climate change undertaken by Aspen Snowmass.

Give a Flake

Their ‘Give a Flake’ campaign is an excellent example of how ski resorts can engage their customers to help lobby for change.

The resort has created a super-useful tool on their website that makes it easy for users to ‘start a conversation with elected officials who shape US climate policy’.

aspen give a flake

Powder Chasers become Policy Makers

The website app allows you to Tweet directly to US politicians who ‘give a flake’ or not, while also identifying the Democratic presidential candidates who support positive climate policies.

Donald Trump loves a Tweet and within two clicks you can be sending him a message. Aspen clearly think you should as they describe him as ‘an unmitigated climate disaster’.

While non-US residents obviously have no vote to threaten these politicians with, why not let them know what you think?


You can also create your own bespoke ‘Give a Flake’ image to share on social media. [And yes, we do see the irony in a ski resort Brits can only fly to allowing us to do this.]

Renewable Energy

Aspen has been using renewables as part of its energy mix since 1997 when the Cirque lift was powered by wind turbines.

More recently they have been focusing on systemic change and have lobbied in favour of proposals to increase Colorado’s rewewables from 29% to 55%

Protect Our Winters

Aspen has partnered with Protect Our Winters, which aims to mobilise the outdoor sports community against climate change.

The resort has previously donated funds to POW and in December 2019 raised $60,000 via a ‘Give a Flake Flash Sale’ when 10% of sales went to the organisation.