While train travel to the Alps may not be more expensive than flying, it does normally take longer.

Perhaps that has put you off taking the train to a ski resort, particularly on a shorter break. With a limited amount of holiday available, why use up some of your valuable days simply by travelling to resort?

Treat the train journey as part of your holiday

Firstly, we’d encourage you to think of travelling by train as the start of your holiday. It really is an experience in itself and without all the hassle and stress of flying a journey by train can be as beautiful and relaxing as any holiday itself.

It’s fun travelling by train! (c) Snowcarbon.co.uk

Join the Climate Perks pilot scheme

However, you might want to introduce your employer to a new organisation called Climate Perks.

Climate Perks is currently running a two-year pilot scheme for employers, encouraging them to offer paid ‘journey days’ when staff choose to swap flights for flight-free travel to their holiday destination.

Employees prefer employers who care

This is great for employers, as they can let staff know their own climate choices are valued and help them reduce their carbon footprint. Recent research has shown that 86% of millennials & GenZs  prefer employers that take action to lower their environmental impact.

Participation is free

Currently participation is free. To become accredited, employers need to offer a minimum of two paid journey days per calendar year when they travel by land or sea instead of flying.

There are several conditions that apply to make journey days qualify e.g. you cannot be going on holiday in a motorhome or driving with just one person in an ICE car. Full details are available on the Climate Perks website.

Free publicity

There’s also the chance for your employer to be involved in the associated coverage as Climate Perks is recognised and receives more publicity. And doesn’t like free PR!?!

If you’d like to have journey days included in your holiday allowance, say, so you could travel by train on a ski weekend, then ask your HR department to contact the team at Climate Perks.