Austria’s state railway ÖBB has confirmed they will be introducing a new fleet of night trains from December 2023.

Thirty-three of the new trains will take to the rails in December 2023 and will be a significant upgrade on the previous models.

The new trains put a focus on solo travelers, including pod-like single cabins, in addition to standard couchettes.

Improved standards

Each seven-carriage trains will each have a capacity of 254 passengers, and will be composed of two seating cars, three couchettes and two sleeping cars.

Travellers can expect an increase in standards. In the sleeping cars, all compartments have fixed beds (which ÖBB believes will make them more comfortable) and their own bathroom, including a shower. There will also be more storage capacity for luggage, including sports equipment and bikes.

nightjet new train 2023

The new Nightjet trains

Ensuite and solo cabins

On offer will be ensuite cabins for two (in bunk beds) and couchettes with four berths, though not ensuite.

The real innovation comes with the new ‘Mini Cabins’. These are pod-like single cabins, stacked on top of each other in two layers, like a dormitory in which each person can seal off their private space.

Space will be tight, but will include a mirror, foldaway breakfast table, reading lamp, storage area and lockers for shoes and small bags.

“The future of short and medium haul travel belongs to the train”

Leonore Gewessler, Austria’s minister for climate action, said the new trains “make it clear that the future of short and medium haul travel belongs to the train”

The trains are scheduled to start operations on December 10 on the Vienna-Hamburg and Innsbruck-Hamburg routes. Tickets are already on sale at the OBB website.

nightjet private cabin

Nightjet Private Cabin