We were delighted to see that whoski.com launched their new website this week.

Founded by Sally Warren and Nicola Davenport, WhoSki.com is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned ski kit.

Every season we see more and more interest in the sustainable fashion revolution and WhoSki is one of the platforms that allows users to join the circular economy, save money and reduce their impact on the environment.


Inspired by the trend for pre-loved fashion

Originally inspired by the trend for pre-loved fashion, Sally and Nicola were motivated by shocking facts that surround sustainability in fashion.

Did you know that outdoors clothing is almost impossible to recycle because of the mixed fabrics and specialised coatings? Items such as these take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill.

WhoSki focuses on ski and snowboard clothing with the aim of matching buyers and sellers, in particular children’s skiwear for those kids who keep growing out of kit every year!

Raising funds for good mental health in teens

WhoSki are donating a proportion of their commission on every sale to their charity partner ‘stem4’. The founders told us:

“Among the reasons we love skiing are the fresh air, feeling of freedom, connection with nature and sheer joy of exercising at high altitude: all brilliant wellbeing boosters. That’s why when we were looking for a charity to support, we chose stem4 whose goal is to help foster good mental health in teenagers via easy to use apps focusing on issues such as anxiety, depression and self-esteem”

Find a guilt-free outfit update

According to WhoSki, more than 99% of skiers own ski clothing and almost half buy at least one new piece of clothing every year, with 80% buying every two years.

So whether you’re a piste fashionista or a ski mum looking to clothe the kids, you can find out mor about WhoSki on their website for a guilt-free outfit update.